May 14, 2019

Betrayal Trauma in Relationships

Betrayal Trauma in Relationships

Keeping Yourself Intact with Clarity

Have you ever been betrayed while in a relationship? The impact of betrayal most definitely can affect your mental wellness. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #B4Stage4

As moms, not only do we have to balance our already hectic lives, but when betrayal happens we have to navigate the stages of a broken relationship, lost trust, and maintaining clarity on our purpose to maintain our peace.

Personal Coach, Molly Williams, gives us a real-life account of what to expect when we experience betrayal trauma in a meaningful personal relationship, and how we can maintain the clarity we have for our purpose all while teaching and loving our children during the changes that will inevitably occur. Find more about Molly Williams at

This #NavigatingMyCrazy episode is sponsored by Shayla Shaw Empowerment the Life Coach for Moms! Let me work with you to achieve your goals related to your career, family, purpose, and mental wellness. 

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