July 23, 2019

Helping Others Through Your Storm

Helping Others Through Your Storm

A Family's Journey to Spread Awareness and Medical Devices

Our Guest-Mom, Sarah Thompson, mother of the little founders of #Helmets4Helmets, shares her experience over the last couple of years of balancing daily life, motherhood, creating #EpilepsyAwareness and managing the daily seizures her son Bryson has to endure.

Bryson and Brock founded The Helmets4Helmets Foundation to provide children with disabilities access to protective equipment or care that is needed for them to live their daily lives as a child. Bryson, who is 7, started having seizures out of the blue almost 4 years ago. The family's journey has been hard, but they share their journey in hopes of helping others. You can support their organization by donation or supporting one of their events. http://helmets4helmets.com



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